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I am guilty of taking a lot of photographs when I'm out and love the fact that the latest iPhone7 Plus is always in my pocket and produces exceptional images. I do tend to have a habit of collecting camera's too and when I am going somewhere special I do arm myself with one of my Canon DSLR's but I do find them both heavy and a bit obtrusive! I post some photographs to twitter @HannahtheNB but the most recent galleries can now be found on the blog: http://www.hannahthenarrowboat.co.uk/blog/category/photo-galleries/


Older stuff can be found using the flickr links below but it's much more convenient now to put them straight on the blog linked above.

New for this website for 2017 is a play list pulled in from our YouTube channel called 'The Diary of a Mad Boater' and is embedded below, as and when we post new videos to the play list on YouTube they will automatically be available here (the latest one will always be first).

All the music featured in our videos is written and performed by Paul Massey (me), often conceived aboard Hannah the Narrowboat or out on the cut. You can see all of our videos by clicking the icon on the right.