Life off the boat (and sometimes on)

So just what the heck do I get up to when I’m not aboard Hannah the Narrowboat. Well, I’m not old enough or rich enough to be retired yet so I have to try and earn a few pennies to keep the blood alcohol levels topped up. My real job is as a Graphic Designer which  I can do it from almost anywhere if I have a WiFi connection to send the files off to the clients. However, I have also been a musician for many years professionally and do have a rather cool studio set-up which I can’t fit on the boat – if I could I would probably live full time rather than half time on the boat!

The canal is an inspiration place for both of my ‘arts’ and I get a lot of the initial ideas for the music to my songs from it. As technology is getting ever smaller and ever better I can actually make what I call ‘musical sketches’ on the iphone sitting in my pocket or of course I can fire up the laptop. For any of you lot out there that are into music making and songwriting then you can find my debut album on iTunes and all the other major streaming services – just search Sanity Bypass and the album is called ‘Safety Pin’. I am currently writing the second album and trying to do most the initial ideas on Hannah the Narrowboat but really do need the proper studio for serious recording. Once technology can furnish me with studio monitors that use very little power and I get my finger out and convert under the lounge seats to store my guitar and a midi controller keyboard (and the heaps of stuff that makes it all work) then I would be elated to record the whole lot aboard our boat – not sure our marina neighbours would be too happy though!

The video below is my latest creation – first proof so to speak, needs a lot of tweaking but it’s essentially all there.

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