Goodbye YouTube, Hello Vimeo

Us, the little people will no longer be able to monetize our video content on Youtube so they can shove it. We are moving over to Vimeo now which will actually cost us money (£50 a year) but that’s not the point. To monetize on YouTube we will now need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of people watching our stuff (all before Feb 20th 2018). Now there is not a chance that that will happen!

Having a little incentive is a good thing, now don’t get me wrong we don’t earn much at all from YouTube anyway, perhaps just enough for myself and my wife to go out for dinner twice a year. However, having the incentive encourages small niche content creators like us nutters aboard Hannah the Narrowboat to grow their channel and create more content. Well I am not going to create content for them any longer – they need a kick in the balls as they have simply bowed down to the big corporates. The whole ethos of the original YouTube was to encourage us little people to create videos whilst feeling a part of the online community. It’s clear we don’t matter any longer.

So, how am I going to recoup the costs of setting up Vimeo? I don’t really care whether I do or not to be honest as I enjoy making silly videos aboard Hannah the Narrowboat but I do kind of have a plan! Maybe if you are one of those affected by YouTube’s new policy you could try the same. I have simply activated AdSense on my blog so instead of just posting a video link on Twitter or other social networks I will link to the blog post which will contain my video and more written words which should be more entertaining for the viewer!

Maybe YouTube has done me a favour and our blog will become immensely popular and earn us enough to go out for dinner 5 or 6 times a year ha ha. Actually Vimeo is simply a better platform especially as we up the game and try to make more cinematic videos in the future rather than just bunging them up on YouTube.

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