Rewind – Repainting Hannah the Narrowboat

Hannahs New Cratch

I found this footage from late 2015 where we took on the daunting task of painting Hannah the Narrowboat. We figured that she looked so bad at the time that we could not make it much worse – the first time I put the sander to her I was pretty nervous and had my doubts! We had already added the DIY cratch and new solar panels so thought we may as well just go for it!

We are now a year and a few months on and the paint job is holding out very well indeed, no flaking and the colour is still spot on. We have a lot of work to do in 2017 including remaking the lids for our top box as they have warped terribly, this time I’m going for aluminum instead with the provision to add a couple of stick on solar panels onto them later. Our cruiser deck is looking very sorry for itself so I am going to rip the whole lot out and replace all the framework below deck and replace the decks themselves. The better half, Lee is going to take the bathroom to task as I want a new sink and to repaint that horrid brown shower tray! As normal I will do all the carpentry as I love that part of the job but Lee makes it look all pretty! The hatch needs a new top surface too and as that is made of wood I think I’ll just start from scratch. It’s going to be a busy 2017 aboard Hannah the Narrowboat!