BBQ Time – The Lotus Grill

As summer hits you will see loads of us boaters getting the BBQ’s out and enjoying some burnt meat washed down with a nice cold beer or glass of wine. Some of us use disposables whilst others use messy traditional ones, we use neither anymore.

For the past couple of years we have been using a Lotus Grill which is a much better and healthier solution. If you want the nasty charcoal all over you meat you can still do that or if you want something a little more cooked through you can do that too. How? The Lotus Grill is fan assisted and uses just a tiny amount of beech charcoal. Whack the fan up full blast and you can have that fire and fury style BBQ or turn the fan down a bit and you can actually cook your meat through properly. As with any BBQ the clean up afterwards can be a real pain as the meat welds itself to the grill. Well, we have found a solution to that too (well a partial one) by using Teflon sheets.

Take a look at the video below and all will be revealed and maybe you’ll be a convert like us aboard Hannah the Narrowboat.

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