It will probably be me that posts everything up here as the lady of the boat tends to prefer knitting to technology! My name is Paul Massey and my good lady is called Lee and we spend a lot of time aboard our 45ft narrowboat called Hannah along with our aging 15 year old Jack Russell called Buddie Weiser Woodgnome the First who has been boating with us throughout her life. Our home mooring is at Gayton Marina in Northamptonshire and we are both under 50 years old (although I am almost there) which is deemed as quite young in narrowboating terms! I am a graphic artist and musician by trade and am very lucky that I can work from the boat most of the time so long as I have internet access. Lee has her own hair salon in Dunstable called ‘Studio 55’ but one day I will persuade her to sell up and ply her trade on the canal network! Buddie Weiser Woodgnome is a professional bed tester.