A Chilly February Day Along the Towpath

It’s cold out there! To be honest it seems we have been lucky so far this winter down this end of the country and whilst it may be pretty chilly we have only seen a few days of snow and been iced in twice, one of them this morning! However, as all you happy boaters out there know it’s rarely cold on a narrowboat when the coal in the stove is glowing (unless you forgot to light it!)

Frozen Water at the marina

Our friends from Narrowboat Pride of Nuffield were back in the area so after a morning gossiping my good lady Lee, Sarah (from Pride of Nuffield) and myself went out to get some provisions in the car, well mainly beer, wine and naughty treats if I am being totally honest. We did not bother getting stuff for a Sunday Roast as we decided upon a curry from Spice of Bruerne in Stoke Bruerne would be a nice change.

The following morning Hannah the Narrowboat was not as smelly as I expected, perhaps because we did not go for our usual hot curries and instead chose something of a medium heat instead – we are learning that hot curries and small spaces are not the best idea! Anyhow, as we had been naughty with our food and alcohol we thought we better get out in the fresh air and take a walk along the towpath, an extra long walk this time rather than to the second bridge and back!

We took along the weird GoPro Fusion 360 camera to play with and although I’m not totally happy with the results it does allow us to create some cool angles and panning effects. I should really have brought my other GoPro and stabiliser for the walking shots as the 360 camera is not great for that, better suited to being on a tripod. Anyway, hope you enjoy the short video which includes some panning still shots (that sounds odd as they are not still shots then are they?).

As we had an extra long walk today I am sure I earned some beer tokens (my rule is 1 mile = a pint of ale) so we decided to pop in to The Royal Oak in Blisworth at we had not been there for a long time. We also wanted to try something different that our usual haunt in Stoke Bruerne – The Navigation. It was a very pleasant evening and the locals were friendly so we will most definitely be returning as it’s walking distance from the boat so would be nice in the summer months.

When we got back to the boat Buddie Weiser Woodgnome the First (our 16 year old Jack Russell) was still tucked up in her bed next to the fire – that walk must have tired her out!

Up on the Bridge

Night at Gayton Marina

That’s all for now folks…..


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